5th generation Kyokudo Konanryo
(Kyokudo Konanryo)

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Storyteller・5th generation Kyokudo Konanryo( Kyokudo Konanryo) 【Career】July 2001 Introduced to Kyokudo Konanryo (4th generation/Kyokudo Nanryo ),KofumiAfter working as an office worker and actor,...
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(Kyokudo Nanryu)

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Storyteller 1980 Born in Yao City, Osaka. 2004 Apprenticed to Kyokudo Nanzaemon and became "Nansei".2018 First promotion to Shinuchi in Kamigata Kodan in...
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About NOJI ”NOJI” is a trade name, named after the place where my late grandparents spent their entire lives. Away from the hustle...
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Mortuary Tablet Artist Sanda Kazuyuki

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Art a Japan's unique Jindaiji scripts of "The Ryu-tai Moji"!  The mysterious The Ryu-tai Moji, long treasured by the emperor's family, is now...
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Uchiyama Seiryo

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◆Profile At the urging of my parents, I began calligraphy at the age of seven. At only 10 years old, I won the...
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Ogasawara Gen

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Creator of everything from hand-drawn Ukiyo-e reproductions to animation After working at NHK Design Center as a member of the art team for...
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