Specified Commercial Transaction Act・Other Matters

Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions applies only to transactions in Japan with residents of Japan.
Please note that there may be discrepancies with the following items in the case of transactions when shipping from our company to overseas residents, such as the need to pay customs duties upon receipt.

ORADA Corporation

〈Operations Manager〉
Representative Director Shusaku Fujino

6-2, Shibuya 3-chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

〈For inquiries, please contact〉
Please contact us from Inquiry Form.
※Telephone numbers will be disclosed without delay upon request using the Contact Us form.

〈Selling price〉
Displayed on the product detail screen of each product ※Total amount including consumption tax

〈Fees other than the price of the product〉
This site shows the selling price, not the price of the product.There is nothing else to be paid in addition to the relevant sales price.
※For overseas shipments, the recipient will be required to pay customs duties, various taxes, and customs clearance fees separately.

〈Payment Method〉
The following payment methods are accepted.
○Credit card
 Visa、Mastercard、JCB、American Express、Diners Club.
 The closing date and debit date differ depending on the credit card company.
○Bank transfer

〈Special sales conditions, such as restrictions on the quantity of products sold〉
・The number of works handled is limited, so there may be a limit to the number of works available for purchase.

〈Time of delivery of goods〉
This will be indicated on the product screen and in the transaction completion notification e-mail.

〈Withdrawal or cancellation of an application for a sales contract for goods〉
No cancellations, returns, or exchanges will be accepted after payment is completed.

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